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Denial Access of Public Records by State Attorney Angela Corey

Friends please share and spread the TRUTH about this State Attorney Angela Corey, who should be removed from office.
The State Attorney Ms Corey hides behind her minnions. This agency is denying me anymore public records requests even on NEW DISCOVERY! Below is my response to their denial access of public records:
Mr Kantor
> Ms Corey advised my attorney and private investigator and Emory
> King and me that this was a Murder Case. Since there is no
> statute of limitation on Murder any public records requests

Dear Governor Rick Scott - State Attorney Angela Corey

Dear Governor Rick Scott,

Below is a request for your assistance for answers to questions. In the past I wrote you requesting for your help.

We originally requested State Attorney Angela Corey be removed from the sudden violent death case of Natasha R Boykin who was a military wife at the time of her sudden violent death. Additionally Angel King was/is her next of kin by power of attorney.

Our request was for many reasons. Below I will list just a few such as:

State Attorney Angela Corey's lead Investigator Scott Hughes possibly related to Corporal Randy Hughes of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.


I had planned on waiting until after the holidays to reignite exposure of such ruthless, coldhearted, selfish, inconsiderate corrupt, biased group of elected officials but on this sleeepless night decided we cannot take it no more.
It is time to begin anew with exposing the truth about the Forth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Angela Corey and her minion police force such as former Sheriff Rutherford, who has been under the covers with Corey for to long. We will be reigniting the exposure to the TRUTH the media refuses to expose.

This was sent to the Trayvon Martin (Non Profit) Foundation

Our sincerest condolences are extended to Trayvon’s Family, and friends. I would like to continue to believe there may have been a higher purpose for Trayvon in light of all the negativity and divide that has occurred over this tragic incident. There are so many parents who have lost their children an agony no parent should have to experience before their time has come to pass. As for myself, I too lost my beautiful baby girl Natasha at the young age of 24 years old in 2009. Ironically Natasha and Trayvon have the same birth date but a ten year age span.

Spoliation of Evidence Pt 3

Listen to times around 2:14 - 5:30 and 6:07
This was an illegal tape recording that the police had on e of his own fired for the same reason which is against the law and a violation of civil rights!

Natasha's family was informed that FDLE REFUSED to do any crime lab work on this case and and the police marked her clothes in as evidence - the mother was denied Natasha's clothes because Natasha is not here to get them even though it was her mother in addition to next of kin!

Justice for Natasha and Family
ASK FOR THE PROOF OF TESTING OR INVESTIGATION THAT PROVES THEIR OPINIONED THEORY AS SUICIDE! They have nothing to back their asses up! I really wish that ALL the proclaimed agencies who back their brotherhood by badge to be held accountable to prove their opinioned suicide theory by testing or ANY actual facts on this case.

Detailed Report Murder Case of Natasha Boykin

R l Barnes.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)
This detailed report synoposis of the murder of Natasha was written by two most recently retired FDLE Special Agents.

New Case Information

New informative information coming soon. This story has not slowed from fighting for Justice but has in general public veiwing for the meantime. We are creating a video documentary and a book writing is in the works. STAY TUNED for more profound injustice exposed. This will provide the dirt that was swept under the carpet to continue this miscarriage of Justice. This story is enough to make anyone think - how do they sleep at night?

Spoliation of Evidence Pt 3

Spoliation of Evidence part 3
This displays the truthful facts of a mother that has been pushed away in a corner of defensive position. Jacksonville Beach Police Department Florida telling the mother of Natasha Boykin, crime lab (FDLE) REFUSED to test anything and her clothing has disappeared.
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Head games? Tag your it? MONOPOLY? or conveinant AMNESIA?

Head games? Tag your it? MONOPOLY? or conveinant AMNESIA?

Natasha's mother wrote to the Florida Governor pleading to him for help! The Governor writes back, he cannot get involved! Natasha's mother writes back informing the Governor about Vital Statistic reports for the 7.36 square mile area where Natasha was found deceased about the reported 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides. The Florida Governor states he cannot do anything!

The Florida Governor then within weeks, speaks out and reports to the media about the crime rate for murder decreasing by 2.