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Comparison of lead investigators opinion on Zimmerman case to Natasha Boykin case
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Example of Spoliation of Evidence

Natashas mother requested that we share this small example of the Jacksonville Beach Police's dishonesty better known as spoliation of evidence.....within a few weeks we shall provide more highly credible evidence of proof as to Natasha's innocenece of a crime law enforcement convicted her the meantime read this document and the comment beside it!
This is from the medical examiner to Natashas mother in reference to the mother requesting the clothes for microscopic labratory work to be done - since the medical examiner did not do a sex assault test also did not note anything from the top of her head to her collar bone.


Law enforcement is paid by tax paying citizens to protect and serve, and their duty is to uphold and enforce the law! Attorneys (most) are paid by every day citizens to seek Justice and present their case before a Judge and Jury. The same for a Special Prosecutor, ie D.A., State Attorney to present prosecution before the court of law for a Judge and Jury to decide. I am so very sick and tired of hearing of all these law enforcement agencies standing up for one another citing the knowing who what where and why of a case.

Consideration of FACTS, and TRUTH!!

ELECTION time is here - FLORIDA -Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach is a 22 square mile area with a reported 98 Suicides to 23 Homicides - of that Jacksonville Beach alone takes up 1/3 = to 7.36 square mile area with their... reported 48 Suicides to 10 Homicides. Once the police state suicide it is never questioned or investigated and reflects the image of the crime rate down and budgets in control - even when the lost loved ones have evidence to prove otherwise. Sadly my daughter was listed as their statistics - while we have clear and precise evidence to prove otherwise. Example the police admit the holes in her shirt were not from gunfire but that of a struggle - she was shot in her right breast, stated as a horizontal shot through and through. Just a slight example to the contrary is that there is definately a downward 13 degree angle gunshot wound. In addition with Natasha having been shot into the right breast how would that explain her torn bra - where the strap is sewn to the cup on the left side. Natasha also had a gash to the back of her head and a large bruise on her forehead and bruising on her bicep and her neck. There was no markings of gunfire, soot or particles on her bare arms or hands although if she had of really shot herself she would have had to hold the weapon backwards and used her thumbs - most definately would not still be holding the weapon especially after her body was moved by at least 32 inches, as stated how the boyfriend found her with the gun in her hand barrel up. Nothing from the top of her head to collar bone was noted by the medical examiner. The medical examiner admitted she strictly went by what the police told her it was as a suicide. I have a tape recorded message from her contrary to the police stating it was up to the medical examiner. Any other agency realizes this botched, inept case that the Jacksonville Beach Police still retain juristiction. IF WE ARE SO WRONG THEN PROVE IT TO US AND ALLOW FOR A PROPER UNBIASED INVESTIGATION TO OCCUR. There has been notification erroneously spread that ALL agencies concur but truly no agency have done anything but a preliminary review due to the police chief from Jacksonville Beach not allowing but simply a review of what he ONLY WANTS THEM TO SEE! WE ALL deserve the TRUTH! Therefore I keep my FAITH and PRAYERS for JUSTICE in this matter. GOD FORBID any other parent to have to go through what we have.

Justice for Natasha

Justice for Natasha Boykin
...In some strange way, I understand why God would call you to Him. You were an angel here on earth so it makes perfect sense. You were loyal to a fault. You readily admitted mistakes and tried to learn from them. You challenged us all to be better, to strive to be better. Nobody is perfect, which meant we always had someway that we ...could grow as individuals. You could always make me smile, no matter my mood. I wish I could tell you how much you meant to me and how big a part you played in my life and who I am today.

Support US and Ask Governor Scott for Special Prosecutor on the case for Natasha Boykin

Angela Coreys statement This is an article from 1983 under a public records request.
These government entities wanted to be sure I was aware of their strides and accomplishments. 
In the next photographs you can read the statements verbatim of State Attorney Angela Corey, State Attorneys now lead investigator Dale Gilbreath. 
The third photo is of the then Chief Medical Examiner for Jacksonville. 
The two officials Angela Corey and Dale Gilbreath have not done what had been advised they were going to do on the murder case of Natasha Boykin.

Zimmerman prosecuter's lead investigator polishes badge from his own spit of lies

The same State Attorney Angela Corey as special prosecutor on Zimmerman case ignore prosecution of the murder case of Natasha Boykin.  Lead investigater Dale Gilbreath impeded, and contributes to botching case from his own and Jacksonville Beach Police malfeasance.  Dale Gilbreath polishes his badge from his own spit of lies.
State Attorney Angela Corey ignores her constitutional duty to disclose or forward to the proper chain of command for fraudulant documents and information of the murder case of Natasha Boykin.

Comparison of lead investigators opinion on Zimmerman case to Natasha Boykin case

Recorded deaths2.docx(DOCX — 17 KB)
Close up forehead GSR crime scene photoThe close up photos of his forehead and hand identifies as the same substance that is on the GSR patches (stippling) matches. The lead investigator for the special prosecute on the Zimmerman case at his bond hearing identified stippling on Zimmerman and Trayvon Martins sweatshirt.  This lead investigator testified he identified the substance based off of the crime scene photographs when he came into the investigation five weeks after the fact.  He had to solely rely on crime scene photographs since he was not involved from the beginning.

Crime Scene Photographs taken by Police FLORIDA

Crime Scene Photographs
Crime Scene Photographs
taken by the Jacksonville Beach Police department
GSR Patch and forehead
Gun Powder Particles - match on forehead and hand as the same as the GSR patches
GSR Patch and forehead
Crime Scene Photos
Crime Scene Photos
close up of the photo in front of police cruiser
Crime Scene Photo
taken by the police of GSR swatch collected
Crime Scene Photo
Crime Scene Photo
Crime Scene Photo
close up of hand - notice the bitten down nails and the (GSR) Gun Powder Particles on fingers - match the collected GSR swatches
Crime Scene Photo
notice the pantleg - NOTHING was confiscated
Crime Scene Photo

US DOJ, US Attorney General, Governor Rick Scott

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
April 16, 2012
To whom it may concern;
 I am writing you todayin request that an investigation be conducted on the Jacksonville Beach PoliceDepartment in FLORIDA.  This police department as an agency standing alone in a 7.36 square mile area has reportedmore than 50 Suicides vs. 11 Homicides. How is this humanly possible for a tourist community?
 On November 11, 2009,Natasha Boykin of Vilano Beach Florida sadly had been tagged as one of their statistics for Suicide.

Trayvon Martin case brings up memories, opens old wounds for mom of slain Jacksonville Beach, Fla. young woman