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Florida mother demands police to reopen and investigate the death of her daughter Natasha Boykin

Welcome to Truth Seekers for Justice Blog:
We are currently open to conversation about our new non profit charity in Memory of Natasha Boykin along with our hopes to help other charities and causes. 
This story is about Truth Seekers real truth, not half truths including facts and what the factual truth is about! 
What is memory in relation to anyone who has lost or had a loved ones life stolen from them.  A stolen life is not necessarily about murder, in so much  anything should be consider as a stolen life, from cancer, SDS, cardiac arrest or a soldier who has fought for our country. The list could go on and on. Most importantly a memory is all that you have left to remember a loved one in the fondest way or to simply remember the kindness and precious moments of that person.  It is not to allow the other side to demeanor, deflect or try to diminish any or all memories that are left.  We believe for any persons to be so cold and black hearted with absolutely no conscious of their actions is truly very sad within itself. 
For any person to get away with a crime by way of allowance in the criminal justice system is seen and known to us as a total miscarriage of justice.  Any kind of inept actions by law enforcement itself is an intentional injustice to all humanity.  To then have it capped off with a malfeases of inaction by duty or to the profession in all aspects of humanity is an abomination to our society for which we stand.  Our tax paying dollars do not deserve the power of a badge to make determinations of a cause of death.  A police badge is to enforce the law not determine it. In addition, for law enforcement to then close all doors after a bias action that may have been done for a civilian friend to then assume and remain in the position of power by jurisdiction and to continue their actions by erroneously informing national media of all criminal justice agencies involvement is all sad and true.  It was truly a sad day for Angel King, Natasha's mother to be informed by the Jacksonville Beach Police that her daughter was found in her boyfriend Willis "Casey" White home with a single gunshot wound to her chest.  She was advised they were handling this case (homicide) and investigating - little did we know that they immediately wrote the case off as a suicide with absolutely no investigation.  We discovered from this boyfriend that he and his family have very close friendship ties with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. The police gave him back the gun 23 days after her daughters death violating Florida Statute 933.14 (3) - although the whole time they were advising us of an investigation with ballistics and trajectory testing being conducted.  The toxicology report was complete within 24hrs - normal time is 60 to 90 days.  The Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Bruce Thomason has never not once responded to her requests to meet with him and our pleadings for help of a proper investigation. 
Chief Bruce Thomason of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department is busy writing his third book about the white sandy beaches of Jacksonville Beach and a serial killer running loose but refuses to professionally handle his position of authority or power to do what is right, his job!!  You see one thing we know is that if he never meets with her he would not be lying about friendships or certain connections with the White family - now mind you that just our guess as to the reason that he would never meet with her. This is the first experience we have ever had of a police chief refusing to meet with a grieving family that has so many unanswered question about their loved one who was murdered just blocks away from this police station itself.  The Jacksonville Beach Florida Police Department is located by a 7.36 square mile area of that there has been reported 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides.  Angel King's daughter Natasha Boykin was one of those statistics.  Natasha's mother would like to reach out and ask if you or a loved one may have experienced similar situations or cases please contact us so we can try and help you.  In any case time is of the essence but essentially also know that there is no statute for murder.  If Angel King can help you she will.  Her loss of her daughter Natasha has been overwhelmed by grief and much sadness but has decided to turn this around in a positive light and chose to allow the motions or emotions to encompass her heart with this mission in mind.  Angel identifies it as the five "C's" -Consideration of love and support by Contributing herself and funds to Create Charitable acts for good Causes.  Ms King adds the number five was Natasha's favorite number.

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susan carter on Friday, March 16, 2012 9:26 PM
I totally support Angel King. This case needs to be reopened and investigated. Those who knew Natasha,know the truth and they need answers. Natasha was loved by all who knew her. She had a smile and a heart that was as big as the universe. She loved life,family,and her friends and the people who truely love her miss her so. I will always stand with Angel,because Angels heart is as big as her baby girl's.
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MARY JO OHREN on Saturday, March 17, 2012 5:32 AM
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Suzanne Derome on Saturday, March 17, 2012 9:36 AM
I have been following this case. It is evident! That THE JACKSONVILLE POLICE are covering up "THE TRUTH." Of, what happened to Sweet, Natasha. Angel King is a Mom who deserves, to know the TRUTH! Their,are so many obvious signs,of evidence! This Case Needs,to be re-opened! So, Angel & family & friends can have closure. And, so that NATASHA can, finally REST AMONGST THE ANGELS! ....
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Kate on Saturday, March 17, 2012 8:31 PM
I have been following this over the past couple years, but recently took a bigger look into it a couple months ago. I have spoken with both Angel and Casey's girlfriend. Initially I had my own personal feelings involved but I realized in order to make a clear decision I had to see it from both sides. After reviewing the case and asking many questions I've come to the conclusion that this was a homicide not a suicide. I also have my own speculations as to who I believe did this. There are many holes in Casey's story. Even his "alibi's" aren't credible people in my opinion. I did a public background check on them and have only found they have a criminal record, assault, domestic violence etc... Also heard from numerous people, I including "Tasha" herself that certain suspects were on drugs. I know Casey won't speak to me because I'll ask the questions nobody else has, and one or two things would happen......either he will lie or incriminate himself. Therefore he will avoid anyone. The biggest failure on his part is that he never pursued a bigger investigation, which would have helped him "if he were innocent" like he claims. Do you not realize that Angel is not giving up on this? How can you look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a man? I bet you have manipulated your GF as much as you can. I feel sorry for her. If she is innocent she is going to be sadly disappointed when she realizes you know more than you claim. You should have seen the look on her face when we started asking her questions and pointed things out that she never noticed, like Tashas finger nails? Why were each acrylic nail burnt perfectly on the top of her nails? Certainly not from pulling the trigger.... Hmmmmm what about the blood on the inside of her pants.... Or how about the obvious clues that show she was dressed after she was shot? Why didn't the medical examiner do a rape kit test??? Knowing her button was undone .... I KNEW TASHA and I know for a fact she would have never done this. Also, for the record I've done a gun test and I know it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to shoot yourself the way it was claimed she did, being 4'9" weighing a little over 100lbs. I want to help Angel out with getting answers and I pray everyday she will get them. I ask anyone to reach out and help her anyway you can. Kate
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Angel on Sunday, March 18, 2012 1:34 PM
Thank you all for your support, belief and love for a beautiful person such as Natasha. I know she is smiling down from heaven right now! I must admit there had been times when I was about to call it quits then all of a sudden something would happen like a phone call, another expert or new discovery of additional evidence swaying toward the most definate TRUTH that Natasha did NOT do this to herself. Your inspiration and beleif of knowing Natasha and the TRUTH that she herself loved life just as everyone she loved and truly believed in, this is what truly keeps me going. I was shocked when Kevin Katie contacted me and sternly asked me questions about the case, of coarse I was capable and more than willing to honestly and truthfully answer the questions and provide documentation to back up what I had been saying. I have noticed that Katie has commented on this blog and it truly enlightened us, much more so to know a complete stranger to me, not Natasha would take their time to decide to do their own investigation. For Emory and myself to have read your post this morning has given us more to strength to continue on with our pursuit for "Justice for Natasha". Thank you so very much to have informed us this way of the inconsistancies in reference to the murder of Natasha. This provides and informs the people what we have tried top address all along - we have pointed no fingers at anyone specifically simply put here is the evidence let it lay as it will and speak for itself. The only thing I have ever asked Willis "Casey" White and his parents Suzie "Susan" White and John H White to please help me if Casey did not move her body as he stated and cared about her why won't you help - better yet if you did not care? who was in your house? Natasha's body was moved 32" inches to the left flat on her back with the gun in her hand barrel up as stated by Casey to the first responding officer. The police reports stated she slumped to the right leaning up against the bed, as we have stated she was not simply rolled to her back as originally stated by the police and medical examiner since it was obvious of the contradictory assumptions that has been put out there. Anyone who would like to help on this unsolved mystery we greatly and sincerely appreciate your time, knowledge or voice - Thank you ALL and God Bless!

Dana on Sunday, March 18, 2012 1:00 PM
Tasha would not have done this to herself! There is too much overwhelming evidence to PROVE she did not do this to herself! Plus, Casey cant even talk to us?I have never accused anyone of doing this to her, but I do believe that certain people are hiding information. If it was me, I would be doing everything I could to clear my name and help! Especially if I was the one to find her and she was my girlfriend. How can you say you love someone and then treat them this way? I feel sorry for the new girlfriend too. She is obviously completely oblivious to what is actually going on, and probably has been brain washed in order to keep the family name clean. There is going to be justice here soon!! That I promise, no matter what, I will not give up trying to find answers until justice is served!
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Angel on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 6:15 AM
Dana - my adopted daughter and dear friend to Natasha. You are so right! You have stuck beside us, helped us, and supported us since the beginning of all this madness. We all KNOW the EVIDENCE and FACTS are there for what we know to be TRUE! We are thankful and do thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. We love you! You know about everytime we talk we cannot seem to get over about you and Natasha spoke to each other just a few hours before that terrible fatal night her life was stolen from her. It was in relation to her changing her time of visiting you in N. Carolina for a week. I remember her speaking with you about her time change, from leaving that Thursday evening to Friday after Earl's funeral - she was killed in the early hours of a Wednesday morning - so yes we KNOW the TRUTH! You also have been very supportive and there through all the harrassment, demeanoring, hateful and hurtful things we have endured. I am personally greatful for all your love and support! I know Tasha is smiling down at ALL her friends. We keep our heads up and faith high that we can let her spirit R.I.P. - until then we must continue to wait until the real TRUTH is exposed! Then it will be the correct time for her memorial head stone placement! PS I will never forget our key lime night on November 11th, 2011 - the second year - WOW! Love you

judy halloran on Monday, March 19, 2012 10:39 AM
Angel, I only want you to encourage you in this difficult time, as many hurdles are imminent. But, one by one I know they will fall. Keep up the good work and you will catch a break. Call people incessantly,demand what you want, don't take no for an answer. Become a force to be reckoned with and pray God will bless you with closure Love Judy
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Angel on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 6:18 AM
Judy - Thank you for ALL love and your support! Your words of wisdom have been on target. Please do not stop if anything else comes to mind! Your friend always!!

Angel on Monday, March 19, 2012 11:18 AM
Let’s get the FACTS straight! All we have ever have done is ask JUSTIFIABLE QUESTIONS with ANTICIPATION for REASONABLE ANSWERS! OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD!! If there is nothing to hide then HELP US!! Do not go around stating fingers are pointed until you have your half truth of the FACTS straight –EVIDENCE, QUESTIONS and FACTS, do not imply finger pointing. To the retired school teacher who wants to know what ever happened to self reliance? Good question, since the decedent cannot speak her version about that fatal night that stole her life. Angel is her personal representative, her mother and not the only person as her advocate. Now let’s be mature about this and please allow your 41yr old son who needs to man up, grow some and stop hiding behind mommy and daddy, get off the ninny and speak for himself. Angel’s birthday present “the TRUTH hurts” from you - her daughters autopsy report on the internet – REALLY? How mature was that for an educator? It simply just shows everyone that the performance by the police and the medical examiner did NOT do their job, as the photographs do show – these are things that have not been seen or shown YET!! 1) Natasha was sad of coarse naturally over the death of a friend who was killed in Iraq - this was a guy she had not seen in over 7 1/2 years from middle school. Natasha made a statement on face book that said you will forever be remembered by me!! To us that does that imply – gee, I am now so depressed I am going to kill myself. Things that make you go hhmm! 2) The toxicology report was complete in 24hrs - standard time is 60 to 90 days - WHY?? Again things that make you go hhmm! We shall delve into this at a later date the connection of certain parties and their relationships with full disclosure of names to connect the dots. 3) On page 13 of Real Truths - half truth version, read the last paragraph - This police statement was typed the same day as their latest scanned document about no deception indicated - test results revealed DECEPTION INDICATED on the question #6 - 'were you present when Natasha was shot' - answer NO - Results - DECEPTION INDICATED! The detective wrote the report the same day as the other detective (a document we never received after our 8 PRA requests). Although on the police report itself does not imply any such thing as deception indicated with the word “ALTHOUGH”. This test was taken two months after her death. The statements the detective made in his report were in reference to the one and only meeting with the police that he was NOT present at, although he writes up a report from a meeting he is not at, falsely making accusations of the conversations that took place at this meeting he was NOT present at? Indicating a lot of he said she said, statements. Anyone, even law enforcement knows if you take a polygraph /voice stress you PASS IT ALL or FAIL IT ALL - however you do not fail one question because you start to get upset –especially due to the FACT: it was two months AFTER Natasha’s death that he had moved on with his happy new life with a girl who continually states she was Natasha’s BFF for less than five months. The “boyfriend” White expressed several times in his interview he was not ready to be committed to any other relationship especially after a break up of a 10 year relationship and certainly not with a girl younger than him. FYI – the new GF who claimed to be Natasha’s BFF was the same age. The “boyfriend” White went to the King’s residence on Thanksgiving Day – two weeks after their loss of Natasha and professed his undying love for this GF – Natasha’s BFF. Additionally stated he and she were going to West Palm Beach together for about four days to get away! 4) The crime scene only had two evidence markers – 1) Natasha and 2) the weapon on top of her cell phone. Additionally “boyfriend” White has this same substance on his forehead and hand, the same substance as the GSR patches and what is around Natasha’s wound!! Again things that make you go hhmmm! 5) He "the boyfriend" - White also stated seven times in his interview tape he knew she was deceased the minute he walked in the door – SEVEN TIMES!!! So why did he or would he move the gun?? 6) 23 days after Natasha’s death, police gave the gun back to him violating Florida Statute 933.14 (3). The weapon was never tested!! The boyfriend and his father then led us on a wild goose chase of empty promises that they would give us the weapon to have it tested. After four weeks of misleading Emory about allowing him to buy the gun from them for a substantial profit they advised Emory and Angel that the uncle tied it around his neck and sold it to some guy down an aisle at a gun show in Lake City, Florida. If there is nothing to hide and you want to stand by your word that Angel has falsely accused White then what is the problem and why would you do this? Again things that make you go hhmmm!! Comment: We say turn up the heat on this questioning after all there was a deceased person in his house – her body was moved – he stated seven times on his interview tape he knew she was deceased when he walked in the door and put his keys down!! From where he placed his keys at the dining room table, he could see her on the bedroom floor. The “Boyfriend” White stated he knew she was deceased the minute he walked in the door. He has repeatedly stated many times, that his family goes back four generations of Jacksonville Beach and his mommy rode in patrol cars from 1999 to 2006 and personally knows the police department - this is not all he said. We shall delve into that later also! Although now we need to realize the lead detective on the case was inexperienced and came into the picture three hours after the 911 call, new team and all. We do not believe we would have had those photographs you know with that substance on his forehead and hand - or that pant leg issue. This detective was under the wing of Corporal Hughes whose son is presumably renting a house from the Whites. This house is diagonally in front of where Natasha was found! From this point another agency should have stepped in but that did not happen! Yes the Whites as stated by "the boyfriend" in his interview of the family friendship. Sadly you would think they would understand our questions and plea for help and for our closure since not even 15 months prior to our loss of Natasha the Whites family friend and police friend experienced a similar death - well actually it happened to occur the same way as Natasha's proclaimed death in Jacksonville Beach. FYI!! Duval County Vital Statistic Reports - Jacksonville Beach Florida is a 7.36 square mile area with reported: 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides
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Brittany on Friday, March 30, 2012 10:31 AM
Justice for Tasha! Get this press release out nationally! Come on people, link to all your friends everywhere.
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Kelly on Saturday, July 20, 2013 7:44 AM
I used to work for Mr. John White and his son Casey worked in the same place but a different department. The White family, as well as the Helquist, Waldrop, and (Moudy)Kassner family/members screwed me over big time, and I have no doubt that Casey did something very wrong and his family is covering up for him. Naturally! And with his money, Jax Beach PD is not going to do a damn thing about it. I too have had very bad experiences with JSO (I understand a different department than JBPD but really the same people). Keep fighting! Karma is a bitch and everything will come to light.
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