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Justice for Natasha and Family
ASK FOR THE PROOF OF TESTING OR INVESTIGATION THAT PROVES THEIR OPINIONED THEORY AS SUICIDE! They have nothing to back their asses up! I really wish that ALL the proclaimed agencies who back their brotherhood by badge to be held accountable to prove their opinioned suicide theory by testing or ANY actual facts on this case. A matter of fact there is no truth being spoken of the 5 Suicides to every 1 Homicide written off to support JSO Sheriffs proclamation of the crime rate b...eing at a 42 year all time low. Nothing was ever tested on this case! It is funny how Jacklyn Barnard stated that nothing was done criminally although when she was chief investigator for TV12 she interviewed us and stated that she knows this was a murder. Jacklyn asked us to please do not share this story with any other media source - she wanted this story. Jacklyn was not aware that her close friend contacted us and informed us she was only feeding Angela Corey and not really doing anything on this case. I believe that since documents from the City of Jacksonville were fraudulantly modified to cover their tracks. Although those documents were dated THREE WEEKS BEFORE NATASHAS DEATH they did not realize they did that thinking they would further cover their tracks. Things were provided to Jacklyn Barnard as chief investigative reporter off the record. Instead of doing what she stated to ALL of us, she fed State Attorney Angela Corey our evidence that had proven otherwise of what the JBPD proclaimed by opinion without ever investigating. Angela Corey will not go against her police enduced endorsements in exchange for full support of reviewing only what the police want her to see on any case. In return Jacklyn did not cover the story and did everything in her associated relationships with JS FTU in addition to refrain the media from exposing the truth we believe all in exchange for her job at the SAO. Jacklyn is being paid $70,000.00 a year job as Angela's personal PR person - tax payers should be made aware and concerned since it is their tax dollar instead of prosecuting cases and allowing a murderer's to run free. Soon enough the whole truth to this case will be exposed! I promise to have just as much mercy as they have had on us - ending with truth hurts does'nt it!

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Angel King on Friday, April 12, 2013 1:25 PM
To Scotty Boyforever: I as her mother welcome with open mind, am willing to share with you or any other critic who has not seen the whole picture of this case - the crime scene photos taken by the police but withheld from law enforcement agencies depict a large gash to the back of her head, large bruise on her forehead, bruises all over her body etc............the medical examiner did not even note any of these inconsistancies....admitted to private investigators that she went by what the police advised her, she did not do a sex assault test even when her jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped and panties on inside out in addition to her body was moved from where she was killed prior to being shot - although the boyfriend stated he found her with the gun in her hand barrel up AFTER her body was moved.......ALL THIS DEFINATELY WARRANTED A SUSPICIOUS DEATH INVESTIGATION AND A AUTOPSY. On April 13, 2012 the medical examiner herself admitted to First Coast News of criminal violations of FAC11g followed by FS Chapter 406 by the associate medical examiners during the time she herself was one at the time she signed Natashas death certificate. Considering the fact that vital statistic reporting received claim by the Jacksonville Beach Police Department of 47 Suicides to 10 Homicides over a two year time span in less than 7.5 square mile area of coverage. Once the police state suicide it is NOT questioned or investigated, keeps the crime rate down and budgets in control. FYI - Scotty the reports came from most recently retired FDLE agents with more than 37+years experience. Something FDLE and police do not want disclosed! Anytime you are prepared to review exactly what a jury would see on this MURDER case I will most definately find the time in my busy schedule so possibly you could provide a detailed closing report like the police or any other law enforcement agency has NOT been capable of doing to warrant the reason why they selfishly opinioned suicide ruling! As it is said the proof is in the pudding.
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Trthskr on Friday, April 12, 2013 1:54 PM
What is happening to ALL the comments that are made? I guess PR spokepersons do not like the TRUTH in their face. State Attorneys PR person stated there were no criminal violations referring to the questioning by the reporters of the criminal violations by the medical examiners self admitted submission to the media on 4/13/2012 and the fraudulant falsified documents modified to cover their tracks their mistake was they dated them three weeks BEFORE NATASHAS DEATH! :O

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