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Example of Spoliation of Evidence
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Example of Spoliation of Evidence

Spoliation of Evidence Pt 3

Spoliation of Evidence part 3
This displays the truthful facts of a mother that has been pushed away in a corner of defensive position. Jacksonville Beach Police Department Florida telling the mother of Natasha Boykin, crime lab (FDLE) REFUSED to test anything and her clothing has disappeared.
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Example of Spoliation of Evidence

Natashas mother requested that we share this small example of the Jacksonville Beach Police's dishonesty better known as spoliation of evidence.....within a few weeks we shall provide more highly credible evidence of proof as to Natasha's innocenece of a crime law enforcement convicted her the meantime read this document and the comment beside it!
This is from the medical examiner to Natashas mother in reference to the mother requesting the clothes for microscopic labratory work to be done - since the medical examiner did not do a sex assault test also did not note anything from the top of her head to her collar bone.