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Ask Governor Scott for Special Prosecutor assignment on Natasha Boykin case
Comparison of lead investigators opinion on Zimmerman case to Natasha Boykin case
Crime Scene Photographs to the Murder of Natasha Boykin
Ethics, Conduct and as my friend Rhonda states: $
Example of Spoliation of Evidence
In memory of Natasha Boykin
Justice for Natasha
Murder case of Natasha Boykin
New Information Coming SOON
The mysterious death of Michelle O'Connell
Trayvon Martin Foundation
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In memory of Natasha Boykin

Justice for Natasha

Justice for Natasha Boykin
...In some strange way, I understand why God would call you to Him. You were an angel here on earth so it makes perfect sense. You were loyal to a fault. You readily admitted mistakes and tried to learn from them. You challenged us all to be better, to strive to be better. Nobody is perfect, which meant we always had someway that we ...could grow as individuals. You could always make me smile, no matter my mood. I wish I could tell you how much you meant to me and how big a part you played in my life and who I am today.

Trayvon Martin case brings up memories, opens old wounds for mom of slain Jacksonville Beach, Fla. young woman

Florida mother demands police to reopen and investigate the death of her daughter Natasha Boykin

Welcome to Truth Seekers for Justice Blog:
We are currently open to conversation about our new non profit charity in Memory of Natasha Boykin along with our hopes to help other charities and causes. 
This story is about Truth Seekers real truth, not half truths including facts and what the factual truth is about! 
What is memory in relation to anyone who has lost or had a loved ones life stolen from them.  A stolen life is not necessarily about murder, in so much  anything should be consider as a stolen life, from cancer, SDS, cardiac arrest or a soldier who has fought for our country.