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Ask Governor Scott for Special Prosecutor assignment on Natasha Boykin case
Comparison of lead investigators opinion on Zimmerman case to Natasha Boykin case
Crime Scene Photographs to the Murder of Natasha Boykin
Ethics, Conduct and as my friend Rhonda states: $
Example of Spoliation of Evidence
In memory of Natasha Boykin
Justice for Natasha
Murder case of Natasha Boykin
New Information Coming SOON
The mysterious death of Michelle O'Connell
Trayvon Martin Foundation
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The mysterious death of Michelle O'Connell


Law enforcement is paid by tax paying citizens to protect and serve, and their duty is to uphold and enforce the law! Attorneys (most) are paid by every day citizens to seek Justice and present their case before a Judge and Jury. The same for a Special Prosecutor, ie D.A., State Attorney to present prosecution before the court of law for a Judge and Jury to decide. I am so very sick and tired of hearing of all these law enforcement agencies standing up for one another citing the knowing who what where and why of a case.