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The early morning hour of November 11, 2009 Natasha's mother received shocking news that Natasha was found at her boyfriends parents rental detached garage apartment deceased. Natasha had received a single gun shot wound to her chest. We were advised that the case was being invewstigated as a homicide case. Unbeknown to Natasha's family & friends this case was immediately ruled as a suicide. We were totally mislead by the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. 

Natasha's family, private investigators and retired law enforcement experts discovered her case was actually a homicide case. The boyfriend and family being personal friends with the police, they let him go even after they took pictures of him in front of the police cruiser with gun powder particles on his forehead and hand (this can only be received by being present at the time of gun fire) there is many holes in his alibi of where he was and also he has what appears to be an ankle holster in his pant leg in front of the police cruiser absolutely nothing was confiscated. NOTE: The photographs we speak of were taken by the police and marked in as evidence! The weapon was given back to him 23 days later violating the Florida Statute 933.14 (3) and her toxicology report was complete within 24hrs - normal time is 60 to 90 days. The medical examiner stated to private investigator she went by what the police told her. The medical examiner did not note anything from the top of her head to her collar bone - although she had a huge gash to the back of her head and on her forehead she had a big bruise/knot - none noted - additionally she had defense wounds on her and her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, panties put back on inside out - no sex assault test was done on her. She was shot in her right breast with a .357 magnum it hit her aorta - although there was less than 1/4 pint of blood at the scene and four pints unaccountable in her body. The medical examiners report stated a horizontal wound - but we do not agree! as by a description in her report, depicts at least a 13 degree angle from the left. There is no way humanly possible for Natasha to have shot herself by that angle. In addition to the defense marks on her. There is however a total lack of evidence to prove she shot herself. We have yet to hear from any agency explaining answers to our questions of their opinion on this case - any questions asked is simply displayed with hostile attitudes and ended immediately with this meeting is over.

Dr Jonathan Arden - forensic pathologist who handled the Chandra Levy case in Washington and the DC sniper shootings (Rawlings case) wrote a four page report citing that this was a staged crime scene. No fingerprints were taken on her cell phone. In addition the mysterious text messages on Natasha's cell phone that do not reflect on the boyfriends (Willis "Casey" Whites) cell phone bill messages beyond 11:07pm on the 10th of November - Natasha was killed in the early morning hours of on the 11th - the basis of the police statement ruling this as a suicide. In addition there was signatures missing on the mysterious text messages (Natasha had default settings) found by another expert along with default on a capitol letter "I" that displayed lower case "i" when standing alone. White also had two cell phones - one was on the console inside his truck with the fresh plate of food from his families traditional Tuesday evening family dinners.

The police state that they could not retrieve any fingerprints on the weapon either, although the photographs taken by the police depict a solid fingerprint on the weapon - they refuse to run it! - yet they were able to rule out the boyfriend. How could this be possible to rule out one person but in the same sentence state the fingerprint was not clear enough to be identified. My suggestion is everyone who was a part of that night should not have a problem providing their fingerprints for comparison to the one on the weapon - if they were not involved there would be nothing to hide. I was denied, even at my expense.

The police then conveniently failed to run any kind of drug/alcohol test on the boyfriend -Willis "Casey" White, which should be standard procedure for any homicide case. It may be told to me that it was not a homicide. I do not agree since the was at the beginning stages of an investigation that should have taken place and to be handled as a homicide just as we were advised this case was being handled.

It truly burdens my heart to know that not only have I lost my daughter but no one has been held accountable for their malfeases and inaction or actions to this. I cannot sit back and allow this to be ruled as a suicide and left in a trail for future family heritage. Considering the Jacksonville Beach Florida police department is a 7.36 square mile area with a reported 49 suicides to 10 homicides, Natasha being one of those statistics. Once it is stated by police as a suicide it is not questioned or investigated, keeps the crime rate down, budgets in control and everyone looks good except for the lost loved ones who have clear and precise evidence to prove otherwise.

We need your support on Face book by hitting the like button on our "Truth Seekers for Justice" page, and talking about this to help expose this truth any way possible.

I ask you for help and support in exposing this miscarriage of justice.

Thank you for your time - Bless you!

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